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Feb 22, 2024  
Paralia Folias , Kavala
Plot of land 4,750 sq.m. for sale. at Folia Beach, Kavala. The plot of land is located on a hill and has a view of the sea. Inside the plot there are olives and almond trees. Distance from the sea 160 meters. Price 250,000 euros.
Paralia Ofriniou , Kavala
Agricultural land for sale of 1128 sq.m. in Paralia Ofrinio. Kavala. Can build 4 houses of 40 sq.m each. (two floors of 20 sq.m.) Located 750 m from the sea. Price 50,000 euros.
Paralia Ofriniou , Kavala
For sale 4 agricultural lands of 282 sq.m. in Paralia Ofrinio. Kavala. Each plot can be 40 sq.m. two floors of 20 sq.m. It is located 750 m from the sea. Price 15,000 euros each.
Feb 21, 2024  
Paralia Kariani , Kavala
Detached house for sale, 20 sq.m. in Kariani Beach, Kavala. The detached house consists of a kitchen-living room, a room and a bathroom. There is a small warehouse in the yard. Distance from the sea 75 meters. Price 130,000 euros.
Paralia Orfani , Kavala
Business for sale in Paralia Orfaniou, Kavala. The store is 120 sq.m. and has a fully equipped kitchen. Two fridges, freezer, BBQ, two fryers, oven, glass washer, two stainless steel kitchen worktops with shelves, one stainless steel kitchen worktop with cabinets, glass showcase and two commercial sinks. It has 3 toilets, men's, women's and disabled. Still in the shop area, it has a stainless steel counter, beer barrel, two showcases, one hot and one cold, five televisions, a projector, alarm, cameras, fencing and an iron structure with an awning to close the shop for winter. The business also has a Beach Bar consisting of a bar on wheels, two rectangular kiosks, a wooden corridor, two screens and 70 umbrellas with two sunbeds, a plastic table and a chair each. Price 100,000 euros.
Feb 19, 2024  
Paralia Ofriniou , Kavala
Newly built 57 sq.m. apartment for sale. at Ofryni Beach, Kavala. The apartment consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms with access to the back balcony. The apartment has pre-installation of heating, shower cubicle, intercom, electric shutters on the front balcony and an open parking space. Distance from the sea 490 meters. Price 140,000 euros.
Feb 16, 2024  
Stavros , Halkidiki
263.42 sq.m. building for sale. in Stavros, Halkidiki. The property consists of a basement of 82.50 sq.m. consisting of two rooms and storage areas with plasterboard partitions. Ground floor shop 75.30 sq.m. with 23.13 sq.m. auxiliary spaces and floor 73.35 sq.m. with 9.14 auxiliary spaces consisting of 3 rooms with kitchen, bathroom and each one has an oven, refrigerator, air conditioner and balcony. The property has a heating boiler. Distance from the sea 75 meters. Price 450,000 euros.
Feb 15, 2024  
Προς πώληση οικόπεδο 225τμ στην Παραλία Νέων Κερδυλίων. Το οικόπεδο είναι άρτιο και οικοδομήσιμο, έχει δικαίωμα δόμησης 113τ.μ. Υπάρχει οικοδομική άδεια σε ισχύ.Διαθέτει περίφραξη,ρεύμα. Απόσταση απο τη θάλασσα 200 μέτρα. Τιμή πώλησης 60.000 ευρώ.
Feb 12, 2024  
Commercial ground floor space of 120 sq.m. for sale. in Sindos, Thessaloniki. The property had the use of a workshop. Price 260,000 euros.
Asprovalta , Thessaloniki
For sale a business property of 250 sq.m in a 220 sq.m plot in Seraiki Akti, Asprovalta. The building consists of two floors and a large terrace, where the 20 sq.m. warehouse is located. Each floor consists of 4 apartments with one bedroom, living room with kitchenette and bathroom, located 250 m from the beach and about 4 km. from the center of Asprovalta. Price 200,000 euros